Top Slow Cooker Meals For The Crock Pot

Don't forget to preserve family recipes. While interviewing family or at holiday get slow cooker with timer are both good opportunities to approach this subject. Many family recipes have been lost through the years because no one took the time to write them down or even show an interest in them.

This delicious treat is especially good during the cool fall days because it is a cooking ham in a crock pot. You can simmer this recipe on the stove top in a covered pot, cook it slowly in a crock pot, or slowly braise it in a baking dish in the oven at 275 degrees.

A box or drawer gammon joint with art supplies such as crayons construction paper scissors playdough paper plates paper bags glue sticks and other odds and ends.

Waking up to the (much) cooler temperatures in Tampa was a bit of a shock to my system this morning, and I immediately thought about what I could throw in the crockpot to warm myself up and decrease the amount of time I'd need to spend in the kitchen. These Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches fit the bill!

Opening the front door on a cold evening evening and being greeted by the inviting smells of a beef stew or chicken noodle soup wafting from a slow cooker - ahhh - it is truly a diner's dream come true!